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What is Ayam Saus Melon?

Ayam Saus Melon (chicken with melon sauce) is my favorite food. I found it on December 2012 in Bandung Electronic Center (BEC)'s foodcourt. This food had brought back my mood. So, I immortalize it as my blog name because I hope the impact of eating ayam saus melon to my mood could be the same as when you read my blog. :)

Blogging Time~

In this blog, I write random things but I mostly talk about internet stuffs and fangirling. For making these random things more organize, I decided to make a schedule for my blog. Here they are:

Monday Browsing: my review about websites, mobile apps, and social media. 

Tuesday Fangirling: of course it's about fangirling stuffs! Especially Seventeen (because I'm a Carat!)

Wednesday Time-wasting: some activities that worth for wasting time. Like doing hobbies! 

Thursday Q-talking: let's have a quality talk about everything here! 

Friday Story-telling: my random sharing story time~ 

Almost all the blog posts use Bahasa Indonesia. But if you need the English version of one or several blog posts, feel free to contact me. 


All the posts in this blog are made by me. If I copied some writings, pics, or any other media from another source, the source would be written to avoid plagiarism. You are FORBIDDEN to copy-paste my blog post without my permission or without credit to owner.

I accept affiliation and job review (websites, mobile apps, events, fangirling stuffs).

Well, if you're curious about someone who writes this, here I am....

Audia Azani is my internet name. Simply call me Audi. I was born in 1995 (If you already know this, you have no reason to call me "Ibu Audi"). I'm currently working as an observer of Meteorology in Bitung, North Sulawesi. I'm very very very into blogging! My other hobbies are readingwritingpostcrossing, and event hunting. but I also love learning something new if it sounds interesting for me.


You can contact me through my social media below


or simply send me e-mail to iniaudia (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks for reading!

10 komentar:

  1. Hai saya baca blog kamu mengenai sma pribadi, saya ada tugas perancangan, apakah boleh saya mengajukan beberapa pertanyaan?

    1. Boleh mbak. Tanyakan aja lewat e-mail ya :)

  2. Hallo salam kenal.. wah saya juga pernah tinggal di Tangerang Selatan hhee

  3. Akhirnya ketemu juga sama blogger "tulen" asal Kandangan yg tulisannya jempolan, enak bacanya Mbak, salam juga dari Kandangan :D

    1. wah terima kasih sudah berkunjung ya mas. yuk salam balik

  4. Balasan
    1. Sok nimbrung aja mbak. Hehe, salam kenal juga ^^

  5. Kalo obeserver of Meteorology berarti AMG ya deeee? :) salam kenal Audi!


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