An Open Letter For Abang Persie

Dear Abang Persie, 

Do you know why I called you "abang"? 

"Abang" is "older brother" in--actually I'm not really sure--Betawi language. I'm the first daughter in my family. I really wish I could have an elder brother someday but it's impossible. So, I called you "abang" and imagine if you were really my older brother, LOL. Sorry for this. 

Oh, and do you remember yourself in that picture? Or maybe he was just someone else? 

It's been three years since you decided to leave the club that has made your name to be this famous. You were the captain. You were number 10. But those "trophyless" jokes might be the reason why you chose that hateful decision. For us, the fans who laid our arms to you. However, I tried to accept whatever you choose, because it could be the best for you. 

You were succeed on your first year. The champion of Barclays Premier League. And at that time, we, Arsenal fans, gave the guard of honour in Emirates Stadium. Well, it was better than celebrating your winning there. Yes, you looked so happy. I just felt so thankful you could enjoy your career in Manchester. 

But, that happiness just happened in the short period. After the year of winning, you and your club were trolled. Your club was not on the top of table anymore. You didn't even join European League. Everyone laughed at you. Blaming your decision. 

And, I think yes, you could blame your decision. You were only three seasons in Manchester. Then, they don't care anymore. If only three years ago you decided to stay, I think right now you would be our captain and our number 10. And you could celebrate the winning of FA Cup, Barclays Asia Trophy, and recently Emirates Cup this year.

And finally, you leave England. You're trying to start your career in Turkey. Two years ago, people suggested me to continue my education there, but my parent didn't agree. So, I'm here, in my country. I imagine if only I decided to be a student in Turkey, maybe we could meet there. 

Again, I do care with you and every decision you have made. I try to accept it. I hope it would always be the best for you. 



P. S.
Correct my grammar if I'm wrong

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8 komentar:

  1. haha keren juga, silahkan mampir di

  2. Oh men, i cant speak englis so good :'
    Kenapa ga nyusul RvP ke turkey ? Kan keren tuh kuliah disana hehehe. Btw salam kenal yakk

    1. nggak direstui ortu euy huhu.
      okee salam kenal jugaa

  3. waduuh bahasa inggris, baca udah cape lama dan ternyata sama sekali gak tau artinya.
    hmm... buat abang persie toh pantesan bahasa inggris.

    1. copas aja artikelnya ke google translate mas ^^v

  4. Wah, The Gunners, salam kenal mba. Semoga "abang" Sanchez bisa bawa Arsenal juara dan bisa gantiin abang Persie buat mba Audi deh, hehehe


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